Mi Flash Tool

If you are a Xiaomi device user in the need of system optimizations, it is time to flash with Mi Flash Tool download. The tool is free as always and available in various updated options. So you are allowed for flashing any Xiaomi device through this Windows-based program without any trouble since it exclusively adds support for Xiaomi smartphones and Tablets.

Download Mi Flash Tool

Tool Updates of Xiaomi Flash Tool

At the moment Xiaomi Flash v7.4.25 is the final updated one we've found. It establishes the most efficient one-click routines and assures to offer the most durable enforcement when it flashed the Android system images. Also, confirm some of the beforehand recorded bug effects that have assured you the greatest achievement after processing. The new version provides support for Windows 7 and newer versions, while 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems add support for the version. But do not forget that it supports the Mi3 up and is not older. If you already have an earlier version of the Mi flashtool, it is caveat you to uninstall all previous versions before starting the latest tool installation.

Moreover on Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Flashing naturally provides a superior optimization of an Android operating system. When considering Xiaomi, the immeasurable recommendation is the Mi flashtool, which is a priority in Xiaomi software and hides almost all Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. The Mi Tool is absolutely free of charge and works in a notably variable context with a focus on convenience. Right now, we are heading to complete the self-study, including tool innovations, vacancies and more. Like many other flashing programs, This tool requires a Windows desktop computer to perform actions. To continue downloading the tool, you must access a Windows computer. Find the optimal fastboot files is an urgent requirement for the manner. Unless it may cause to brick your mobile instantly and will unable to undone in some occasions.

Download Mi Flash Tool

Flashing is the significant turn to system alterations if you feel like something missing working in a single ROM. Visit our download section to become a part of the awesomeness. Flashing the Android system always wipes data from the smart device. That is why keep in mind to take a complete backup of all personal content before you engage in the flashing manner.

Mi Flash Tool Download Features

  • Mi Tool installer- Xiaomi Mi Flash is a desktop program that requires installation on the Windows PC. So install Xiaomi flash tool soon once downloaded whereas the package comes with Drivers software, ADB tool file, and also download Mi Flash file

  • Inbuilt Drivers- One of the useful features of Xiaomi Flash app is its inbuilt USB drivers. So you can save time that going to search and install drivers individually. Drivers include Qualcomm USB sequential Driver, Google ADB Tool and Drivers, Microsoft MTP and also the RNDIS Driver. These inbuilt drivers are very useful in the way to avoid possible compatibility issues as well

  • Comes with latest Mi Flash Options- As to the requirement of the user, Mi tool download offers three different flashing options as “Flash all”, “Flash all except storage" and “Flash all except data and storage”

How to Flash Xiaomi Fastboot ROM

With just a little effort you can make your flashing process successful. So here in Xiaomi Flash app, you can easily reach success. In fact, there is no trouble of downloading and installing drivers manually since the program includes inbuilt drivers.

  • Step 1: Download the correct Fastboot ROM and extract on the PC
  • Step 2: Download Mi flashtool on the PC
  • Step 3: Extract as same as above and launch the exe file
  • Step 4: Launch the tool and continue to option “Browse”
  • Step 5: Place the ROM file
  • Step 6: Boot the device into Fastboot mode (Switch off the device and continue to Pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power after)
  • Step 7: Connect the device to a proper USB
  • Step 8: Note whether the device is connected or not by entering to the interface
  • Step 9: Let the program gets connected and choose one of the options from Flash_all, Flash_all_except_storage and Flash_all_except_data_and_storage
  • Step 10: Finally, give command for flashing from the top of the window
Wait for the complete process and reboot the Xiaomi smart device at the end of the procedure.

Compatible Devices

As long as you are Xioami powered, you are allowed Download Mi Flash Tool and process. So here you are all the supported devices for Xiaomi Mi Flash unlock tool.

  • Mi 2/ Mi 3/ Mi 4/ Mi 4i and Mi 4c
  • Mi 4s and 5
  • Redmi Note 3G and Redmi Note 4G
  • Redmi 1/ Redmi 1S and 2 variant
  • Mi Pad
  • Redmi Note 2 and Redmi Note 3 variants

Xiaomi mi flashtool is a desktop program that has no option to take directly on the mobile devices. So you need to be prepared for the PC that running Windows XP to up. And remember that the Xiaomi Flash only flashes fastboot ROM files.

Recap in Brief

As a recap the Mi flashtool it compatible only with Xiaomi devices. The required platform to run the tool is Windows. There is no any other computer operating system platform is compatible with this installation. Download the optimal firmware that best matched with your required flashing options is an urgent requirement. Do not use this application for the flashing manner of other smart devices because the flashing always holds a higher probability to brick devices. Installing the corresponding USB device driver software is another requirement. Otherwise, the application may not detect the networked smart device correctly.

Developer Thanks

All thanks for the development and also for the free distribution goes to Xiomi Inc. Furthermore, now you can Download Mi Flash Tool in the latest version 7.4.25 for better and stable workability.